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What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is a special way of promoting your company, product or service. Corporate identities, like personal identities, should be specific to institutions.
There are basic elements necessary to create a corporate identity:

  • Mission
  • Values
  • Brand identity
  • Your Unique Story That Sets It Apart from
  • The Competitors
  • Traces of your brand

As DigiPeak team, we listen to your unique story. Our objective is to listen to your story and to build the identity of your institution in the best way in each new story. While providing you with corporate identity service, we care that your corporate identity is memorable, unique, and re-gaining “meaning” in all the stories you tell.

Corporate Identity Design Advantages

When corporate identity design is completed with proper planning and careful work, your vision and mission will be reflected more clearly. In addition, you can more easily convey the values, working, understanding and marketing strategies of your business, product or service. And we focus on you and your needs, designing experiences that will achieve your goals in the business world. We improve life and website experience for both you and your users.


It enables you to build a working culture for your institution that is associated with you.


An image is created on behalf of your institution, which is your signature.

Unique ID

You will have a special and unique identity for your institution.


You create an unforgettable perception among people.

What Do We Do?

With our creative perspective, we reflect your brand in the best way with your corporate identity.


We listen to your story and analyse your company.


We identify the points that will separate you from your competitors.


We analyse the products or services that consumers will buy from you.


In the last step, we build a corporate identity that distinguishes you from your competitors by bringing together your consumer wishes and company stories.


How are corporate identity needs determined?

We analyse your needs with our team, then determine a corporate identity strategy specific to you, and we do not neglect to obtain your approval while doing this.

How long is the Corporate Identity design process?

The duration of the corporate identity design differentiates regarding to your request or needs. We can give you the clearest process at the end of the negotiations.

Can I get corporate identity service in the category I want?

As Digipeak team, we provide services for your corporate identity needs in the category you want.

How would you like to show your difference?

We design your corporate identity from scratch, or if you wish, we take your difference to the next level by simply developing it.

Catalog/Brochure Design

We design catalogues and brochures that are compatible with your corporate identity,

unique, modern and meet your needs completely.

What is Catalog / Brochure Design?

Many companies that want to promote their products and services prefer to use brochures. Brochures are a more practical advertising material compared to other advertising tools. It contributes to make your company look more professional. It also helps to promote your products more actively.

The catalogues, which we can also call a booklet, often contain images of products and services, introductory texts, technical details and price information. One of the most preferred tools within the scope of advertising and marketing activities is catalogues.

As Digipeak team, we offer you the best quality catalogue/brochure designs by blending your needs and wishes with our creativity and originality.

Design Advantages

We design experiences that will realize your goals in the business world by focusing on users and their needs. We improve life for both you and your users.


It tells your story to the customer.


It informs the customer about the products or services you offer for sale.


It provides your potential customers with short, concise information about your corporate identity.


It can answer the questions that the customer has in mind.

What Do We Do?

We turn your products and services into catalogs & brochures with a sales-oriented approach with our original designs.


We make sure that the titles given are attractive. 


We attach importance to the dimensions of the images we will use, the angles of taking the photos, their compatibility with the content and making them understandable by everyone.


We do research to make you different from your competitors, we make a difference with our designs.


We attach importance to the practicality of the catalogue/brochure, that is, to the availability of your contact information and website information quickly.


How many pages would an ideal catalogue be?

Your needs, brand story and content will determine the number of pages in your catalogue.

How does the approval process go for the catalogue or brochure?

After the necessary negotiations are made, the designs are made within the determined work period. It is then submitted for your approval, and after revisions are made where necessary, it is delivered to you for printing.

Stand Out With Your Catalog / Brochure Design?

Our design team makes you unique and highlights you with the most suitable works for your brand.

Logo Design

As Digipeak team, we listen to your story with our professional design team, analyse your

company’s needs in the best way and design effective, original and high-quality logos for you.

What is Logo Design?

The logo is the structure that is considered together with the corporate identity, but actually has different designs and rules. Before the corporate identity is built, you need a profile photo to represent your institution.

The designed logo is the profile photo of your company. The logo that we define as the profile photo:

  • It should not represent a time, that is, it should be timeless,
  • It should be simple but eye-catching,
  • It should be memorable
  • It should be noticeable
  • It should be a design that reflects your institution.

As Digipeak design team, to create your profile photo or, your logo; we review all photos of your brand.

These photos are the reflections of your vision, mission, and the culture you have created within your organization.

After reviewing all your corporate photos, we put all these together and design your logo, a unique profile photo that reflects your “new” self.

We make sure that it is catchy, remarkable, and re-gaining the “meaning” in all the stories you tell.

Logo Design Advantages

A logo is an important visual element that reflects a company’s identity. Logo design allows brands to be remembered and perceived by people. In addition, it is an effective promotional tool where the company leaves the first impression of the brand to the target audience it wants to appeal to. Professionally designed logo leaves an impressive image in people’s minds.


It allows you to give accurate and understandable messages to your customers.


It allows you to stand out from your competitors.


It increases your recognition.


It creates awareness.

What Do We Do?

We make you unforgettable with the most beautiful logos that will reflect your brand’s strength and originality.


We believe that colours have a great influence on minds, and we support this view. For this, we try to choose colours that reflect your corporate identity while designing a logo.


Since we like to play with shapes and forms, we reshape the visuals that are suitable for your corporate identity, representing the work you do, and design a profile photo suitable for you.


We design the original text of your brand name. We believe that each font means different things. 


Does the designed Logo appear in different colours on different surfaces?

Since the colours used while designing the logo have universal pantone codes and we pay attention to these codes while designing, your logo will look the same on every floor. When only your logo is printed, there may be a change between 10% and 20% depending on the texture of the paper.

Do we have to use both an emblem and a logotype when designing a logo?

No, since this is a process that will take place at your request, we can shape your logo only as an emblem or just a logotype if you wish.

Are your designs suitable for printing?

All delivered files are packaged ready for any printing environment. Your colour codes, vector formats, fonts and all remaining files will be delivered completely ready for printing.

Are you interested in discussing a project with us?

Do you have a project, do you think our method is suitable for it?